Vet Treatment Prices UK

Vet treatment prices UK

We love animals. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t keep them as pets. We treat them as one of the family, and rightly so. We pay hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pounds for the breed of cat or dog that we love. We take in abandoned cats and dogs to give them a better life and their forever home.

Needless to say, pets are expensive. Food, litter, accessories. All of this before we even consider the vet treatment prices uk.

vet treatment prices uk

Pet Vet Prices

Just to neuter your pet can cost anything from £50 – £300 with surgery for complications such as abdominal, ear, nose or throat surgery can easily set you back £1,000 +

Dogs are usually more expensive to protect than cats, and all other pets for that matter.

Vet owners are also (obviously) animal lovers and are first and foremost committed to saving the lives of our pets before profits, however, there is, unfortunately no way to avoid the costs incurred to these practitioners.

One way you can future protect your animal, and your wallet is by taking out pet insurance. We strongly advise all pet owners to do this and to look around online, and discuss with their vet the best pet vet prices available to them. If your pet has unique circumstances, all the more reason to seek out professional advise.

The cost of vets has been on a steady increase for years. Statistics have shown that pet insurance has paid out on average £2million per day for our sick and injured pets. Even more surprising is that only 33% of dogs and 16% of cats were believed to be insured in 2018.

At pet vet prices we are here to let you know what costs you can expect, where to find the best veterinary clinics in your local area as well as be a hub for all pet lovers to discuss and share their images and stories. We will soon be launching a store where you can purchase pet treats, accessories and more, all at low affordable prices.